Outdoor Lifestyle Branding

Case Study


Brand Development

Brand ID & Experience Design


Create a family of brand Identities for a collection of outdoor lifestyle brands.


  • Create branding for a collection of consumer domain names, including camping.com, petcamping.com, Campgrounds.com, RVparks.com, KidsCamping.com.
  • Create multiple points of distribution for online reservations and RV re-sales, to increase value to reservation clients and partners and increase the number of reservation clients.



  • Create a brand ID that could be used for a variety of micro-camping and outdoor recreation brands.
  • Established a template for camping.com brands, making it easy to create new microsites that maintained the primary brand ID.


  • 200% + increase in revenue for consumer brands
  • Reduced management costs by 40%.


  • Rebrand – Created Corporate ID with a constellation of brands with new ID packages to create continuity.
  • Upscale brand ID changed prospect perception from “mom & pop” start-up operation to “trusted advisor” status.
  • Collateral, Direct Mail, Word-of-Mouth Referral Campaign

Experience & Creative Process

Project – Brand Development

Created a collection of brand Identities for a constellation of outdoor lifestyle online consumer brands.  Using the EXD (Experience Design process) we were able to ID a role for each brand and how they fit into the brand portfolio.

Old Branding

Brand Transition


New Brand ID


Experience Design

Through this proprietary process, we are able to dive deep into the challenge and find unique solutions to enhance the consumer experience.  Created brand architectures for each brand, to understand the brand’s voice, target audience, and personality.

Brand Development & Positioning

Founders owned a variety of outdoor recreation and camping consumer-facing brands and websites were built because they owned the domain.  By working through a proprietary strategic process our team was able to reduce the number of brands in the portfolio while increasing revenue by 200%.  Additionally, we developed brand IDs and personalities for each remaining website.

Brand Voice

Each brand benefited from being able to “live” its own authentic brand voice.

Staff Training

Through cultural training and hands-on experiences with the product – sales, IT, development, marketing, and service – we were able to solve common problems with both the product and the sales process.

The China-based development team had no experience with camping or outdoor recreation, leading to features being lost in translation resulting in a large amount of rework. 

We helped the teams communicate more effectively and brought the lead developer to the US for a camping and outdoor recreation experience— so he could understand the “whys” of what he was building.

Listen & Learn

We created a virtual advisory board made up of campers, RVers, outdoor enthusiasts, and outdoor recreation consumers to gather feedback and insight on everything from functionality to content strategy and brand positioning, and brand voice.

Experience & Marketing Process

By listening and learning from campers we were able to identify product solutions that enhanced their journey and camping experience.


Listen & Learn


Fact from Fiction

Intentional Operational & Marketing Theme

Creative Ideas

Signature Moments



Inspect, Measure & Refine

Kelly was able to identify our problem | challenge quickly and helped us find solutions that helped us bridge our roots in technology with the real world of running a solution for camping and outdoor recreation operators.


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