Case Study

Construction Contractor

Challenge: Grow Revenue

Construction Contractor – Challenge: Grow Revenue

Result – Increased Revenue by 250%


Establish a compelling competitive point of difference for a Window and Door Contractor in an incredibly competitive and crowded market.


Using our proprietary Consumer Experience Process we identified consumer needs and desires.  We then imagined unique and creative ways to deliver high-touch low-cost signature experiences. And created a concierge culture that runs through the entire selling and service cycle – from sales to installation to service after the sale.


  • Grew revenue 250%
  • Reduced marketing spend by 34% with word-of-mouth & referral campaigns
  • Turned installation team into lead generators
  • Created signature moments to extend the experience
  • Improved consumer satisfaction scores by 30%



  • New website to generate leads
  • Rebrand to a lifestyle brand vs windows
  • Used the Experience design process to change the culture for construction to a concierge
  • Collateral, Direct Mail, Word-of-Mouth Referral Campaign
  • Signature moments to enhance consumer experience and create a competitive point of difference

Experience & Creative Process

We intentionally themed the business proposition to create a culture dedicated to delivering a high-touch concierge consumer experience.  Using market research, competitive analysis, past consumer feedback, lost consumer feedback and our proprietary Experience Design process we defined signature moments for every step of the sales and installation cycle – from sales to installation to after the sale referral programs.

Experience Design

Through this proprietary process, we are able to dive deep into the challenge and find unique solutions to enhance the consumer experience.

Staff Training

Every member of the staff – installers, salespeople, and assistants all received cultural training on the EcoView Way, customer service training, and listening.  We empowered every team member with the ability to solve consumer issues immediately.

Signature Moments

To create a compelling competitive point of difference we established and internalized signature moments. Everything from how the phone was answered to service after the sale.

Web Design

Created a simple lead-generating website that included online appointment scheduling and a blog for local SEO.

Listen & Learn

Market Research & Customer Feedback

We dug deep into the numbers, looked at the competition, and finally, talked and listened to consumers to understand how the sales and installation process could be enhanced.

Creative Marketing

By defining the experience we were able to easily create targeted marketing that allowed the company to reduce the marketing spend by recruiting consumers to be the best sales resource.


Reworked the logo and brand identity to more closely align with the brand ethos and story.

Experience & Marketing Process

By listening and learning from the consumer we were able to identify easy compelling, cost-reducing ways to delight the consumer from initial contact to after installation.


Listen & Learn


Fact from Fiction

Intentional Operational & Marketing Theme

Creative Ideas

Signature Moments



Inspect, Measure & Refine

Experience Research

Competitive analysis, consumer listening, experience audit.

Brand Redesign

Update identity to more closely align with the brand, voice, story, and ethos.


Create a lead-generating site that included online appointment booking, and useful information to educate the consumer on choices and clearly defined the competitive point of difference and online signature experiences.

Marketing Material, Referral Program

Incentivize consumers to refer a neighbor + local advertising.

Brand Ambassador Program

Changed installer mindset from “just construction” to true brand ambassadors.

Exceeded all my wildest expectations.  By changing the way we approached the sales and installation process we grew sales by over 250% and increased customer satisfaction dramatically.  The signature Moments we created really created a stand-out competitive point of difference.


Owner, EcoView Windows and Doors

Grow Revenue

The numbers

Pretty pictures are great but what really matters is the results.  The client was able to increase the sales close rate to 79% of leads, increased referral business by 65% and increased revenue by 250%.

  • Close Rate – 79%
  • Referrals – 65%
  • Sales | Revenue – 250%

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