Case Study


Stop SHARE EROSION + New Product Development



Reverse share erosion

by evolving brand positioning to connect with primary consumers


Increased Sales, Share + Profit


  • The brand message wasn’t resonating with consumers or retailers
  • Multiple agencies
  • Expensive, under-performing media plan and ads
  • Lack of understanding of the consumer’s needs, desires, dreams, ambitions, and motivation
  • Multiple agencies with large retainer agreements
  • Losing sales, share & profit to competition


  • To understand consumer needs and desires we conducted consumer research, both quantitative & qualitative, including staged mock purchase & amenity scenarios
  • Restructured agency relationships to improve efficiencies, and deliver better creative, while reducing expenditures
  • Changed messaging to speak to the consumer on their terms. Moved from high-concept inspirational to humorous with a strong call to action message
  • Created online asset management to standardize brand message across the value chain
  • Lead development of an award-winning line of homes – Anniversary Home


  • Grew share, sales & profit
  • Established a deep connection to the primary consumer
  • Increased brand awareness scores +20 points
  • Reduced Agency fees by 20%
  • Increased qualified leads by 30%
  • Increased distribution share by 9%.
  • Developed a consistent brand voice for both corporate and retail
  • Best-selling home series of all times


  • Conducted Primary Consumer | Shopper Research
  • New Product Design created from the ground up – based on research and “consumer listening” we developed a single product concept with 5 variations for regional differences and price points.
  • Repositioned brand to be the most relevant product in the category
  • Using the Experience Design process we were able to find ways to connect with the consumers, needs, desires, dreams, ambitions, and motivation
  • Created an online asset management system and donut commercials and radio for local retailers.

Experience & Creative Process

Through primary consumer research and listening sessions, we intentionally repositioned the brand to be completely aligned with the consumer.  Moved from aspirational and perhaps unattainable perfection we moved to a happy-go-lucky, best-friend | trusted advisor positioning with a humorous twist.  In other words, based on consumer feedback and learning we stopped taking ourselves so seriously and connected with consumers on a more “gritty” reality basis.

Experience Design

Through this proprietary process, we were able to dive deep into the challenge and find unique solutions to enhance the consumer experience.

Staff Training

Through cultural training and hands-on experiences with the product – sales, manufacturing, and service – we were able to solve common problems with both the product and the sales process.

Reduced Agency Redundancy

Multiple creative agencies had been engaged to handle different aspects of marketing.  Consolidated all marketing efforts to one agency supported by in-house expert staff.

Reduced Marketing Spend by 20%

By reducing the number of agencies involved and using small boutique firms as required for commercial production we were able to save more than 20% of the marketing budget.

Created Brand Standards

To maintain brand consistency in a three-tier distribution system we created donut TV and radio commercials, customizable POS, and ads. And implemented an online review process that made it easy and fast for review and approvals.

Listen & Learn

Market Research & Customer Feedback

We conducted qualitative and quantitative shopper experience primary research to understand what feature consumers wanted in the product. Then built a product to match their needs and desires.

New Product Development

By understanding the consumer at a level unparalleled in the industry we were able to reach the consumer on an entirely different level, allowing us to create the most profitable product series in the company’s history.

Brand Repositioning

Changed messaging to speak to the consumer on their terms.  Moved from high-concept inspirational to humorous with a strong call to action message.

Brand Voice

Through the experience design process, we helped the brand find a unique voice. The brand story was rooted in the past and the founder understood the consumer but after years of hiring people that had no experience with the product the company had lost its authenticity.  We found it.

Experience & Marketing Process


Listen & Learn


Fact from Fiction

Intentional Operational & Marketing Theme

Creative Ideas

Signature Moments



Inspect, Measure & Refine

Kelly is outstanding at everything she does. Strategic thinker and leader…integrated marketing expert…outstanding client with a teamwork perspective.

She has a collaborative style that draws the best from her internal as well as external team. She has a creative flair which complements her “can do” attitude and enhances the outcome and results of anything she oversees.

I recommend Kelly without reservation.


C-Level Coaching & Marketing Executive

Stop Share Erosion

The numbers

Pretty pictures are great but what really matters is the results. The client grew share, sales & profit and gained a deeper understanding of the consumer and created the best-selling product series of all time

  • Increased brand awareness scores +20 points
  • Reduced Agency fees by 20%
  • Increased qualified leads by 30%
  • Increased distribution share by 9%.
  • Increased brand awareness – 20 points
  • Qualified leads – 30%
  • Increased Distribution – 9%
  • Reduced Agency Fees – 20 %

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