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Launch a new “hotel-type” property management system for outdoor hospitality and recreation providers


+ 200%Revenue from Rebrand + Reimagining the Revenue Model


  • LHI was known for “real-time” online reservation technology and marketing software.
  • LHI did have a front-office system but few customers used it because there were other better solutions in the market.
  • The company built a new property management system with the “build it and they will come mentality” – they didn’t.
  • So – 24 months of development and tens of thousands of dollars in development were not gaining traction.
  • The new product was being marketed under the old brand name that the industry knew only as online reservations



  • Create a 12-month awareness program that included:
      • Established a unique name (Hercules) & brand identity that leverage positive association with the online reservation property but clearly differentiated the new product
      • Free-standing inserts in trade publications
      • PR outreach
      • Online marketing + webinar information sessions
      • Google ads
      • Organic SEO
      • Dedicated – self-managed websites
      • Added success criteria to the common corporate goals


  • Converted 25% of existing reservation customers to Hercules
  • Tripled new customer acquisition in the first 6 months
  • Improved quality of customers by targeting larger more sophisticated parks and multi-property operators.
  • New self-managed website generated leads in combination with well-placed ads – 80% of leads are inbound vs the old paradigm of 80% cold calling.



Created Brand ID to communicate power and simplicity.

  • Tagline: Simply Better + Powerfully Different
  • Upscale brand ID changed prospect perception from “mom & pop” start-up operation to “trusted advisor” status.

Launch Plan

  • Digital Marketing, Outbound Call Center, Collateral, Word-of-Mouth Referral Campaign

Experience & Creative Process

Challenge – Launch a new “hotel-type” property management system to outdoor hospitality and recreation providers

Experience Design

Through this proprietary process, we were able to dive deep into the challenge and find unique solutions to enhance the consumer experience.

Brand Repositioning

Shifted focus from pure technology to outdoors and recreation lifestyle. From the ground up we reworked the brand portfolio to create a cohesive collection of brands that supported each other.

Brand Voice

Through the experience design process, we helped the brand find a unique voice. The brand story had been lost in the tangle of technology.  Working with the founder and a small group of industry leaders we were able to untangle the technology from the true brand voice of a trusted guide and camp host.

Staff Training

Through cultural training and hands-on experiences with the product – sales, manufacturing, and service – we were able to solve common problems with both the product and the sales process. The China-based development team had no experience with camping or outdoor recreation.  Leading to features being lost in translation that resulted in the loss of authenticity and trusted advisor roles.  We helped the teams communicate more effectively and brought the lead developer to the US for a camping and outdoor recreation experience—then he understood the “whys” of what he was building.

Listen & Learn

We created a virtual industry advisory board made up of campground operators, outdoor recreation outfitters, RV industry executives, and outdoor consumers to gather feedback and insight on everything from functionality to content strategy and brand positioning.

Experience & Marketing Process

By listening and learning from the consumer we were able to identify easy compelling, cost reducing way to delight the consumer from initial contact to after installation.


Listen & Learn


Fact from Fiction

Intentional Operational & Marketing Theme

Creative Ideas

Signature Moments



Inspect, Measure & Refine

Kelly was able to identify our problem | challenge quickly and helped us find solutions that helped us bridge our roots in technology with the real world of running a solution for camping and outdoor recreation operators.


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